Monday, January 2, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Reveals First Fight Of New 'American Idol' Season1670218

'I really felt like your blood was boiling,' Ryan Seacrest recalls in interview with J.Lo.
By James Dinh

Jennifer Lopez
Photo: Getty/ Jason LaVeris

Jennifer Lopez is one woman who fights for what she believes in, and that's exactly what she did during a recent taping of "American Idol," when she got into a fight with fellow judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler over their decision to pass on a hopeful contestant. "I think me, Randy and Steven got into our first fight," J.Lo admitted when she called in to "On-Air With Ryan Seacrest" on Friday morning (September 2). "I got really, really upset. There was this girl that came in and sang and she was amazing, amazing. And Steven, as he will do when we're doing our auditions, he'll ask her for another song. I was like, I was surprised because I was ready to vote. I was like, 'This girl is amazing.' " After the contestant sang another tune, Jackson and Tyler quickly decided to pass on her, leaving Lopez feeling as if she "was being punk'd." In an effort to show the other judges their missed opportunity, J.Lo says she even urged producers to air the audition in a forthcoming episode. "The thing I recognized from that scene was there was blood boiling for one of the first times. I really felt like your blood was boiling," Seacrest chimed in. During the interview, Lopez noticeably avoided any talk about her divorce from Marc Anthony, despite the fact that her soon-to-be ex discussed their split on ABC's "Nightline" on Thursday night. Instead, Jenny from the Block spoke about her clothing line and gearing up to release the club-ready single "Papi." Lopez, who shot the video last month, described the track as a "celebration of being with somebody you really love" and explained how the song came to life. "I was working in the studio with RedOne and his guys, and at the time, I was always kind of like, I always use the word 'papi,' " she recalled. "And they were like, 'We're going to write a song called 'Papi,' and we just wrote the song about loving somebody and just celebrating that." Later this month, fans of the singer will see her perform the Latin-flavored single at the heavily promoted iHeartRadio Festival, on a bill that also includes Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Jay-Z and more.

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