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Christina Aguilera Talks Press Scrutiny, 'The Voice' Gig

'We're only able to be seen through the microscope of the media,' the singer tells UsMagazine.com regarding her recent tabloid coverage.
By Jocelyn Vena

Christina Aguilera
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While the year started off a little shaky for Christina Aguilera, a new gig as one of the judges on NBC's upcoming TV talent competition "The Voice" may prove to be the career turnaround that the pop singer is looking for. And in a new interview, she admits that it's not always easy having every move you make scrutinized by the public.

"We're only able to be seen through the microscope of the media and what people gossip about," she tells UsMagazine.com "You take the good with the bad. It's by telling our stories, sharing our experiences and really giving a firsthand look at us as human beings [that shows] who we really are apart from what we seem to be."

Aguilera, known for her own vocal pyrotechnics, admits that she doesn't want potential contestants to come to the show hoping they can win by mimicking her signature style. "I am ready to share it all so I'm really excited," she said. "I hope we can find the next biggest thing. But I'm not looking for vocal acrobatics. I really sincerely want to be moved by raw talent."

Aguilera will be joined on the "Voice" panel by Maroon 5's Adam Levine, "F--- You" singer Cee Lo Green and country star Blake Shelton. She recently explained during a press event promoting the program that she and her fellow judges hope to bring positive reinforcement and not be too cruel to those trying out for the show, which premieres on April 26.

"This isn't about tearing people down. I want to bring these people up," Aguilera maintained. "'The Voice' really does stand for what it says. Instinctually, you can judge people based on the way they look. I love the fact we get to sit here with our backs turned away from these people and completely use just one sense to hear these voices. I'm not looking for vocal acrobatics, who has biggest range [of] high and low. I'm looking forward to getting moved."

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