Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jay-Z, Kanye West Warned By Los: Crown Ain't Safe

DMV Music rapper tells Mixtape Daily about Worth the Wait, inspired by Lil Wayne.
By Rob Markman

Photo: MTV News

Fire Starter: Los

Baltimore rapper Los sure is confident in his ability. Then again, why wouldn't he be? The DMV representative got his start locally, then signed with Diddy's Bad Boy label around 2005. The deal didn't pan out, but now Los, who has been a free agent since 2008, is aiming for rap's top spot: He thinks he has a shot at one day surpassing the likes of rap kings Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

Los' upcoming mixtape, The Crown Ain't Safe, is a proclamation of his self-perceived greatness. "When I say The Crown Ain't Safe, I just mean whoever is viewed as #1," Los told Mixtape Daily before referencing basketball great Michael Jordan and his onetime sidekick. "I just feel like it's for the taking. Why wouldn't you want to be #1? I'm not Scottie Pippen: I want to be #1."

He almost had his shot: After an audition for Diddy during which Los performed a 10-minute freestyle for the hip-hop mogul, the young spitter earned himself a deal. But after Los' street-affiliated independent label Block Incorporated disbanded, Diddy backed out. Los was released from the label in 2008 without ever dropping an album. He then began to freestyle over popular rap tracks like "A Milli" and post them on YouTube, building his buzz virally.

In total, Los estimates he's recorded 10 mixtapes since 2008, including his latest, Worth the Wait, a tape inspired by Lil Wayne. "The competitive nature of this art form drives me," he explained. "Wayne dropped Sorry 4 the Wait, and it just gave me this idea: 'Man, I got a project coming out, and people are kinda waiting for it too. I'll drop Worth the Wait.' "

Worth the Wait is merely an appetizer for what Los hopes will be his biggest tape, the ambitiously titled The Crown Ain't Safe. He makes no reservations about wanting to eventually be the game's top rapper, but Los insists he isn't launching any personal attacks.

"Jay-Z, I would never disrespect him. I have an immense amount of respect, principles and morals. I'm not just some cannon coming at people," he said. "I just feel like there are ways to be better than Jay-Z, there are ways to be better than Kanye West. When you talk about success and artistry and doing amazing works, these guys are on a whole nother planet. You won't surpass that because that's a legacy that they left. It's because of that you get to do what you do. But I just think the future is always incredible."

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